Many if not all of you have heard from one source or another about changes at PWN. While this is a time of transition for the organization, PWN’s vision and goals have not changed. We are here to provide services that will improve the lives of women living with HIV, to address health inequities from a gendered lens, and to expand services for women living with hepatitis C or women who are facing increased vulnerabilities to HIV and HCV due to social determinants of health and systemic challenges.

We recognize that the HIV epidemic has changed, as well as the funding mechanisms available to us, and we must therefore adjust our service delivery to meet those changing realities. During the adjustment process difficult decisions were made and we are aware that those decisions were not just painful for us internally but also for long term members and stakeholders. We are working collaboratively with our core funders to ensure best outcomes, taking this time to address some identified gaps in PWN’s service delivery mechanisms.
We have many things to celebrate in this our 25th year:
• Daily services for women living with HIV including food bank, Tuesday hot lunch program, retreats, one on one support and peer mentorship opportunities
• Knowledge gatherings and trainings for community members, stakeholders, students, community service organizations on the health inequities and how to make a difference for women living with HIV and/or HCV, or women most vulnerable
• Culturally led programming

We have a clear vision—a society where women living with HIV and hepatitis C can lead lives of health and dignity, free of stigma, discrimination, and violence. Following a path towards that vision, we continue our work of reducing the negative impact of HIV and HCV on the lives of women and their loved ones.

Donna Tennant,
Executive Director Positive Women’s Network
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