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AIDS 2014 On Now!

It’s here, it’s now. AIDS 2014 is the 20th International AIDS Conference. People living with HIV, researchers, activists, social and medical scientists from around the world will be sharing findings, ideas and possibilities over the next five days in Melbourne Australia. AIDS2014_banner

The conference will be affected by the loss of significant souls in the HIV world who died on the Malaysian flight MH17 en route to the gathering. Politics and fear entwine with the recovery of the bodies from the crash- unfortunately familiar for those in the HIV community.

Yes, there will be presentation about “the cure” even as hopes about the Mississippi baby miracle were recently dashed. But there will also be discussion of the political and social structures that slow progress on treatment and fuel the epidemic. This includes ever-present homophobia, anti-gay laws in countries that force people underground and away from HIV education and healthcare access.

We have to do better, the world over. HIV is manageable medically in many countries where treatment is available. But the world over, we still face homophobia, social injustices, sexist laws and practices. We are still fighting.

Follow #AIDS2014 on Twitter, or grab the latest on line at AIDS 2014.


- Janet 

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