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Battling AIDS, One Approach at a Time

morguefile_heartsWorld AIDS Day is next Tuesday, December 1, and many are giving their thoughts on what can be done to fight it. It’s a complicated fight that’s led by people living with HIV, doctors, social workers, community advocates, social science and basic science researchers, educators, children, youth, seniors, politicians, religious figures…. There are a lot of people that need to be in on this cause.

As I wrote last week, it’s a fight against stigma, and it’s a fight against assumptions and ignorance. It’s a fight for science, and for public health. It’s a fight for social justice and human rights.

It’s complicated.

Here are some forthright voices talking about what to learn from the past and what we might hope for.

For one, for all – here’s why an internationally renowned AIDS doctor thinks everyone should be tested for HIV.

Stopping HIV is more than using condoms: where law and health policy enter the fray.

Why Canada needs to catch up to other countries in managing HIV.

Sex workers have taken a bad rap in Charlie Sheen’s HIV disclosure story, so let’s look a little closer at those power dynamics.

The Future of AIDS– can we eliminate it?

This virus has been around for over thirty years, and it’s not going anywhere soon. Even if there is an effective vaccine developed, which could change the world, it will still require a lot of will to give it to the world. That’s a task for the future.


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