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Emma Watson Speaks Up, Gets Threatened

Just as Emma Watson makes a great speech launching UN program HeForShe asking men to join in solidarity for gender equity, a perfect example of why this is so sorely needed surfaced. Watson is being threatened with exposure of nude phot220px-Emma_Watson_2013os on a website that displayed hacked photos of other celebrities earlier this month.

I’m angry, disgusted, and saddened. This is the world. This is the world of my children.

It’s yet another example of how women are objectified, seen as less than men, but definitely seen as something to control. The threat of Watson’s words and the program she represents is just too much for someone.

For this reason and for all the girls in the world, I urge you to watch Watson’s speech.  Then get the boys and men in your life to watch. This has to stop.


- Janet  |  @janet_madsen












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