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Per March 1 2017 contents of this website will be moved to the parent website www.pwn.bc.ca/you-should-know

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Many if not all of you have heard from one source or another about changes at PWN. While this is a time of transition for the organization, PWN’s vision and goals have not changed. We are here to provide services that will improve the lives of women living with HIV, to address health inequities from […]

The Last Word


This is my last post for You Should Know, as I am leaving my position at Positive Women’s Network, the mother ship of this site. Given that, I will end on one of my favourite messages: words count when it comes to talking about our bodies, sexuality, and reproductive health. I’ve always been of the […]

Stonewall Stance and Movement


Today is the anniversary of the Stonewall Inn riots in 1969, which are seen as the beginning of the LGBT social justice movement. When police raided a gay bar on a  summer night in New York City, they didn’t expect push back from the clientele, but enough was enough. “Stonewall became this symbol of feeling […]

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