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Ten is Too Late

placardmoncoeur_playmobil-NB-1CI posted this on Positive Women’s Network (our mother ship) a couple of weeks ago, but it bears repeating!

My reaction to the headline that said “Sex Education Should Start as Young as Ten” was “Are you kidding me? Ten is too late!”

As the parent of two kids- one is eleven and one is almost fourteen- I think sex education should start way younger than ten. Ten is a lovely age, for sure. It’s (generally) before surly tween-ness settles in. Kids are old enough to have great senses of humour and love their growing independence. But they may be getting shy about their changing bodies, so introducing sex ed at that point could actually be too late for ongoing conversations.

Sex education is about more than sex. We have to get away from the heterosexual-centric physical only “Slot A goes into slot B” mode of thinking. It narrows thinking about what brings a person to have sex, and when.

Sex education is many things. It’s instilling comfort and pride in your kids about their bodies and what they can do. It’s acknowledging their sensuality,   which starts at infancy and can be celebrated or denied (please, not the latter!) It’s teaching them the proper names of their body parts and how they work.

Empowering kids with sex education can help them feel good about choices as they mature and move into puberty. It can also protect them from predators.  If a kid has a confidence in their body, a good understanding of personal space and relationships, an understanding of how sex happens between people, and what permission and consent mean, they can better identify if something happens that is off.

Start young: kids feel good from the start and are alive in their bodies. We must honour that.


- Janet  |  @janet_madsen



 Photo: placardmoncoeur, MorgueFile


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